The first step to a
relationship starts with your subconscious mind

what if i told you:

The first step to a  relationship starts with your subconscious mind


Master the mindset that will help you break free of the toxic relationships that bind you so you can embrace the happiness and freedom of a fulfilling life where you’re finally loved for who you are.

Then you’re in the right place…

...we can’t help but suspect there’s something seriously wrong with us to keep making the same destructive decisions over and over again.

If you’re tired of making the same mistakes that keep you from enjoying a happy, healthy life that fulfills you…

…If you’re tired of always being alone or with the “wrong” person…

...if you’re finally willing to start making real, transformative changes in your life...

But as one toxic relationship turns into the next, and we continue to shipwreck our love lives by sabotaging anyone and anything good that comes our way... 


is particularly talented

"There are a plethora of people now entering the field of private coaching for personal growth mentorship manifestation of personal goals desires and the fulfilment of destiny. 

It is my personal opinion that Melanie is particularly talented and among the best… She truly loves and believes in what she does. However.. I am most personally impressed by her genuineness and authenticity both as a person and in the way she is able to convey her message on the most personal level!"

brian ross

Break free from the cycle of self-sabotage

Create the types of relationships they’ve always dreamed of

And find true inner peace and confidence with who they are 

After surviving an abusive childhood I found myself in not one, but two very toxic marriages…

...and in the aftermath of my second divorce, I was forced to make some hard realizations about myself.

In fact, I used to be the biggest mess you’d ever seen.

I’ve also overcome the toxic relationships that stole my happiness in order to finally experience a freedom that only comes from the peace and confidence of being comfortable with myself and who I am.

But believe me when I tell you, it wasn’t always this way.

I felt destined to repeat the same mistakes 

over and over again,

but most importantly,

were stealing

my peace and self-worth.

Scientists now believe our subconscious mind is responsible for 95% of the decisions we make... 

After seeing all sorts of therapists and coaches I quickly realized that most of them were just as clueless (and messed up) as I was…

And I slowly understood that nothing any of these “experts” did would ever work as long as I was only focused on the surface-level “conscious” mind… if we ignore its effect in our life, we do so at our own peril. 

The conscious and subconscious mind, together with the words we speak, affect us so much more than we ever realize…

They give us the confidence we need to stand up for ourselves

Allow us to overcome debilitating anxiety that would normally stop us in our tracks

And even help us heal from past trauma and move forward to a life of freedom and joy

Because here's the thing...

But most of us never even stop to think about what we’re thinking about.

After addressing the subconscious patterns at the root of my problems, I’m finally free from:

The negative self-talk

that was destroying my confidence

Unhealthy boundaries

that left me emotionally drained and unloved

Toxic relationships

that broke my heart and my self-worth

A lack of self-respect

that attracted exactly the wrong types of people into my life

And much, much more.

Today, I work with clients to help them overcome these same negative cycles that hold them back from the life and relationships they deserve.

But over the years I’ve realized just how many people suffer from the same problems I used to have…

...and like me, they have no idea what to do to break free and live a life they love.

Which is why I created the “Unleash Your Greatness” 12-month program.

It’s an in-depth, 6-month course, with 12-month access to me, for people looking to start moving forward with the confidence and self-worth to attract the success and relationships they deserve.

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I spent a lot of time with therapists trying to understand how to move past my emotional blocks, but regardless of the effort I put in, nothing seemed to work.

After many years of searching for answers I realized these therapists only focus on the surface-level conscious mind... 

...while neglecting the role that our subconscious plays.

Traditional systems work against you

And it’s all within your grasp.

I’m living proof that with the right tools you can replace every negative habit with the positive ones you need to move you towards a happier, more purposeful future.

The goal is true freedom and control over your circumstances.

not only was my subconscious working against me, it also wasn’t in alignment with “Universal Laws.”

You see,

That might sound a little weird, so let me explain...

We’ve all heard of the “law of attraction” right? 

What most people don’t realize is the law of attraction is actually only 1 of 12 other “laws” that govern every living thing.

And, much like the law of gravity and other physical laws, these “universal laws” are at work in our lives whether we believe in them or not...

Whether we even know they exist or not.

Unleash Your Greatness will help you leverage your subconscious thoughts and the words that you speak in very powerful ways so you can get these universal laws working for you, rather than against you. 

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"Yessss! It’s so amazing how easy it truly is once you unlearn the wrong way and learn the right way!"

You’ll have direct access to me for the whole 6 months of the program. I’ll have two live training sessions every week where we’ll dig deep into the course material so you can make sure you’re applying it correctly to your life. You’ll also have the chance to get all your questions answered and the support you need.

Here’s what you’ll get:

Direct Access to Me

Video Trainings for each Lesson

You get unlimited access to the program content, so you can come back to it as many times as you need. Each lesson contains video training to take you through the core concepts. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions you have during our live calls each week.

Each lesson also contains a detailed workbook to help you reflect and implement the concepts. It works hand-in-hand with the video training to help you get the most out of this course.

In-depth Workbooks

The ‘Thinking into Results’ Community

You’ll be a part of a community of like-minded people, all seeking the same transformation in their lives. You’ll get to embark on this journey together and have the support and accountability you need to stay on track and achieve your goals.

You'll receive a BONUS VIP 1/2 Day session with ME! These spots are extremely limited, so be sure to snag your bonus before midnight on October 31, 2021!

Save your spot today and snag your bonus!



"I really love your teachings! I am so ready to become who I was meant to be. I am really grateful to You and Family."

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at what we cover in the program

Let's take a look


It’s so important we focus on what we truly want in our lives.

But most people only have vague, surface-level goals…

“I want to be happy” or “I want to have more money.”

But if we’re really serious about getting what we want, that’s not going to cut it. You see, without solid goals to anchor our thoughts, our minds, and our words we’ll end up floating aimlessly without ever arriving at our destination.

After all, you don’t get in your car without knowing where you want to drive...

That’s why in Lesson 1 we dig deep into the foundational area of goal setting, so we’re crystal clear on our destination before we even begin. 


And a whole lot more.

Why you need to get your thoughts aligned to the goals you set or you risk staying stuck in your old destructive patterns for good

The key to unlocking the future relationship success you desire (hint: it’s not what most people think it is)

The fundamental mindset shift that completely changed my life and allowed me to make lasting change (and how you can leverage this to make life-changing impact)

We'll cover:


Why do we always seem to do the same thing over and over even though we know it’s going to hurt us? 

I know I used to for years.

We do things like...

✓ Waste our emotional and mental energy in toxic relationships we already know will fail before they even begin

✓ Sabotage our diets with junk food when we’re finally nearing our goal weight

✓ Let our anxiety control us so we chicken out of making the decisions that would free us from the self imposed prison we’re trapped in

We’re constantly sabotaging our own lives in exchange for a little bit of comfort, even if the place we’re choosing to stay is making us miserable. 

We know we should do better.


We want to choose better partners, we want to have a happy relationship, we want to love our partner and be loved in return... 

But somewhere along the way we still seem to get it wrong.

Lesson 2 explores why we keep making the same
that destroy our lives.

Lesson 2 explores why we keep making the same

that destroy our lives.

destructive decisions

How your subconscious is actually preventing you from attracting your perfect partner and creating the life you want for yourself (hint: most people don’t even realize they’re doing this)

Which actions you need to implement daily to take you closer to your goals (and which ones will hurt you and hold you back)

The number 1 reason you keep making the same choices that leave you unfulfilled, trapped, and miserable

We'll cover:

life changing results don't lie

"Thank you again. You found me at a critical time in my life and just what you have done has already had an impact on me."

- Ryan


Imagine putting all of the most beneficial behaviors - the ones you know you need to make in order to get the life you want - completely on autopilot, without any struggle or resistance.

- Succumbing to the temptation of stuffing your face with junk food when you’re trying to eat healthy

- Giving in to the unreasonable demands from your partner and letting them walk all over you

- Falling into the trap of yet another toxic relationship where you’re unloved and disrespected


What if you could easily put an end to:

Here’s a secret:

You can.

Your mind is a world of untapped potential more powerful than any of us ever realize. 

You can train your brain to create habits and patterns that propel you forward, while making all of those negative triggers that want to pull you back into the life you’re trying to leave behind completely irrelevant.

Lesson 3 will help you harness the power of your                            to create a future of freedom and joy.

infinite mind

And a whole lot more.

Level up your mindset with daily habits in order to take consistent action towards attracting the perfect partner

Master critical behaviors so you can fill yourself with self-confidence, positive energy, and self-worth

Use your subconscious to do the heavy lifting for you, so achieving the goals you’ve failed to obtain for years become as simple as performing a few quick activities each day

We'll cover:

"A man is what he 

thinks about

all day long.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Have you ever wondered why a mother can wake up to the sound of her baby crying, but easily blocks out her partner’s snoring?

She knows she needs to respond to her baby’s needs, so she’s tuned herself into any sounds that suggest her baby is in distress.

In other words, she trained her subconscious to expect it. 

She spent so long focusing and preparing her mind to respond to those sounds that it’s become habitual. She can do it on autopilot.


Whatever we focus our mind on invades our subconscious and becomes part of who we are.

It’s the same reason you find it so easy to wake up to your alarm, but manage to sleep through loud traffic or thunderstorms. 

You’ve trained your subconscious to block out the unnecessary information by focusing on the stuff that matters.

It accepts whatever thoughts and emotions we put our attention to, good or bad.

And once those thoughts or emotions become part of our subconscious, they move our body into action...either towards the things that we want…

...or towards the very things that are trying to destroy our lives and keep us “stuck”.

If you want to reach the goals you’ve set out for your life – a healthy body you love, your dream job, a fulfilling relationship – you need to be focusing your mind on the right things in the right way...or you’ll never obtain them.
It’s as simple as that.

The subconscious mind can only accept.

Because here's the thing...

Lesson 4 will help you train your subconscious mind to attract love, success, and                                                   into your life.

anything else you desire

And so much more!

How to use your subconscious to shift from a cycle of negativity and self-sabotage to the healthy behaviors that will give you the confidence and self-worth you need to take your life to the next level

The number 1 reason why ‘manifesting’ hasn’t been working for you (this is why the law of attraction doesn’t work for the majority of people. I’ll show you the critical mistakes they’ve been making and how to avoid them)

A deep understanding of how your subconscious works so you can leverage its inherent power to work for you (so many people get this wrong and it’s what keeps them stuck and unhappy their whole lives)

You’ll gain:

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Humans are different from every other living creature. 

We have these gifts, these higher faculties, that allow us to interact with the world in elevated ways.

By contrast, animals only use their 5 senses to respond to the environment. They’re reactionary.

The higher faculties are different. They go beyond our senses.


As humans, we do more than react to our surroundings. We interpret and improve upon the world.

The child isn’t reacting instinctively to their environment.

Think about when you see a child play…

…they use their imagination to transport them to a different world…

…visualizing themselves as anyone they want to be…

…perceiving the obstacles that exist in their story and finding the willpower to overcome them.

They’re creating a story that they can live out, where they choose who they are and they control how it ends.

We can do the same thing.

When we live from our higher faculties, we become the co-creators in our life, ultimately creating our own reality.

Lesson 5 digs deep into how to start living from within and conquer our thoughts to 

determine our future.

determine our


And a whole lot more.

The exact steps you need to take to consistently embed positive habits and behaviors in your life so you never spiral out of control again.

The big shift you need to make in order to take charge of your thoughts and emotions so you can start manifesting the life your heart truly desires

Exactly what these higher faculties are (and how to master them so you can use them to your advantage)

I'll show you:

“Show me your

who you are.”


and I will tell you



The first time I ever sat down to look at my self-image, I burst into tears.

I wept because I realized just how much I had buried beneath the surface…

…feeling unworthy…

…never good enough…

…all the junk in my life that was crippling me at my core.


Have you ever been around someone who’s positivity seems to be contagious?

We give off vibrations based on the thoughts we think, the words we speak and the emotions we feel.

We literally give and receive energy to and from others. can’t help but smile when they’re nearby…

...they always find a way to make everyone feel better…

...and you seem to be in a better mood for the rest of the day because of them.

That person, who seems to infect you with their positivity, is radiating with the type of energy that only comes from an authentic inner peace and confidence about who they are.

You see, no matter what external front we put up…

…no matter how we try to mask the way we truly feel…

Our internal self-image will always be on display through the vibrations we give off.

And if we don’t feel good about ourselves we’ll never be able to attract healthy relationships, work we love, the body we want, or anything else we desire.

In Lesson 6 we’re going to                      your self-image so you can overcome the lies you’ve believed about yourself for so long...lies you probably weren’t even aware of.

truly heal

everyone could see that deep down, I was broken.

everyone could see 

 that deep down, I was broken.

And no matter what face I put on,

Think about it:

In other words, they have a strong, positive self-image.

And a whole lot more.

The simple trick you can implement daily to boost your self-worth and help you set the boundaries you need to create meaningful relationships

How to create inner peace and confidence so the energy you give off to the world is consistent with the vision you have for your future

A proven method to help you understand how you truly feel about yourself, (and why this is really the first step towards cultivating a better self-image so you can attract healthy relationships and the life you want)

I'll show you:


"I'm exploding of happiness and gratefulness for you!"


I’ll let you in on a little secret right now: successful people still feel fear. 

They’ve just learned how to master it so it doesn’t get in their way.

By holding on to the vision they’ve created for their future…

…and focusing their thoughts on what it will be like when they accomplish their goals…

…they’re able to visualize every detail of their future life.

So when the fear kicks in and tries to knock them down, they’ve already created the subconscious habits that keep them moving forward, rather than letting their emotions dominate their headspace.

In other words: 


They take control of their emotions rather than letting their emotions take control of them.

We all know it’s so important to push ourselves, but that doesn’t make it any less scary to step beyond the familiar…

However, it’s vital that we learn to master our fear so we can stretch ourselves and realize our full potential. 

Lesson 7 is about                       the fear that’s                       you. 

Lesson 7 is about
the fear that’s                you. 



And much, much more.

How to master your anxiety once and for all so it no longer stands in the way of having the relationship you want

How encountering obstacles actually affects the mind and how you can use these challenges to create positive change in your life (instead of letting it destroy your progress so you don’t return spiralling back to where you started)

Why fear is actually a good thing and how you can use it to bring you closer to your goals (this is the reason truly successful people achieve anything they put their mind to)

We'll cover:


If we don’t believe that we are worthy of success, we’ll never achieve it.

We all have beliefs that influence the way we feel about ourselves and the world, what we think we’re capable of, the future we think we deserve. 

These are things we tell ourselves so often that we believe them to be true, even if the statements are harmful to us.

When we’re trying to create a new life for ourselves, our new behaviors and habits might clash with those underlying things we’ve believed for so long causing us to doubt what we know to be the right decisions for our lives and creating anxiety around the lie that the new life we’re manifesting doesn’t really match up with who we are.

If we don’t alter the fundamental beliefs we have about ourselves, we’ll never be able to achieve lasting change.

To create these new habits and patterns in our lives, we have to first believe that we are the person that we want to become.


But belief is so much more than just a hope or a wish.

In it, you’ll discover how to stop just “wishing” and dig deep into your belief systems to uncover the role they play in your success. 

That’s what Lesson 8 is all about.

The proven process that will help you establish new beliefs about yourself that align with the life you want to live (This is the only method I’ve ever seen that actually works. I’ll show you why the systems that other people teach are only a partial solution, at best.)

The 1 strategy that will help you embed new truths about yourself that allow you to break free from the negative self-talk so you can find a meaningful, loving relationship

Why the fundamental beliefs you have about yourself are holding you back from a successful life of confidence, love, freedom, and self-worth (and how to release yourself from the false truths that are preventing you from becoming the person you want to be)

In it we'll discover:

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… I was constantly looking for the negatives, expecting things to go wrong at any moment (In fact, I almost hoped that they would)…

…I acted out without making any real effort to fix the harm I caused him (much less work to improve myself)…

...and as soon as I had the chance to give up and run back to my toxic ex, I took it.

My negative attitude doomed my relationship to failure before it even began.

So many of us do this. 

We expect things to go wrong, and when they do, we feel justified in giving up because we’ve proven ourselves right. But it doesn’t have to be this way.


I’ll never forget the time I completely destroyed a meaningful, loving relationship with a guy who truly cared about me…

You see, we control our attitude, and it’s up to us to use it to propel ourselves forward in order to find the success and freedom in our lives we all want.

Lesson 9 digs deep into the importance of having the right mindset,

this will make or break everything you set out to achieve.

and why

this will make or break everything you set out to achieve.

& why

The 1 tweak you need to make to end self-sabotage for good and start cementing productive behaviors into your routine

The top strategy you need to shift your mindset and take control over your response to the external world, so you can set the boundaries you need to gain respect

Why mastering your attitude is fundamental for successful relationships (and the devastating effect it can have if you don’t get this right)

You’ll learn:


You’ve probably heard that habits take approximately 21 days to become part of your routine, but that’s not quite true.

Some studies show it takes up to 254 days to embed new habits into your life if the changes you’re making are difficult.

And no one can decide to do it but you...

If you’re committed to manifesting the vision you’ve created for your life, you need to start by leading yourself.

This means:

✔ Disciplining yourself to wake up early so you don’t waste the day
✔ Being your own boss and striving to perform your best at every task you do
✔ Committing yourself to improving your habits and behaviors so you can transform into a person who walks in abundance, attracting love, money, health, and freedom into your life


Lesson 10 will explore leadership and how it will help you transform into a confident, self-assured person who is in                of their fate.


And much, much more.

Fundamental differences that separate good leaders from the rest (and why learning these will skyrocket your ability to implement good habits into your life)

The most important step to take to train yourself in these new, healthy behaviors automatically (I’ll show you how to get your subconscious to do the heavy lifting for you)

Why consistent self-leadership is critical in achieving lasting, positive change and stability in your life (and what happens if you neglect this)

We'll cover:


He didn’t sweep in and perform some heroic act by pulling them away from the edge…

...he just sat there and talked with him, and stayed there until the person decided for themselves that they no longer wanted to commit suicide and stepped away from the edge.

Authentic kindness impacts us so deeply. And just as it can have a lasting impact when we receive kindness from others, it can have the same effect when we give kindness too.

And if we believe that the vibrations and energy that we give off to the world will attract abundance and success into our lives, then we know how important it is to create that positive energy within us.


I remember seeing a story in the news a few years ago about a regular guy who managed to prevent someone from jumping off a bridge.

Genuine good that we do in the world makes us feel better. It raises our spirits and boosts our energy.

Lesson 11 teaches you the                                     , and the impact that it will have on your life and the lives of others. 

power of kindness

And much, much more.

The mindset shift that will produce real results by aligning your thoughts to the abundance mindset that will have you attracting fulfilling relationships

Practical strategies to make kindness a regular habit in your life (so you will start benefiting from the lasting positive impact)

Why kindness is the key to a life of opulence, and how to harness that energy to attract good partners (the shocking effect that one simple act of kindness can have on your health, your attitude, and ultimately your future)

You'll learn:

"When spider webs


they can tie up a lion.” 

Ethiopian Proverb


There’s something really special that happens when we come together to work on a shared goal.

I mean think about it…

...if one person’s energy can change someone’s life, how much more powerful do we become when standing united with a common goal?

When we come together, we create a space where our thoughts become aligned… goal… vision… energy.

This program brings many people together with a common goal of positive transformation, and by working together, we can amplify our individual energy into something indomitable


If we unite under one purpose, we basically become unstoppable. 

Why masterminds are crucial for helping you create the habits you need to start setting boundaries that will keep you happy, confident, and respected

The secret weapon lying unused inside of you, and how amplifying this will help you attract virtually anything you want in life

The number 1 reason masterminds are so powerful, and how to leverage them so you can make lasting, sustainable change

Lesson 12 concludes the course by teaching you:

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My name is Melanie Verstraete

I know what it’s like to be trapped in a toxic relationship, feeling hopeless and afraid that I’d keep making the same mistakes over and over again. 

But I made a commitment to take control over my thoughts and behaviors so I could finally overcome the patterns that were holding me back from the life I wanted. 

I’ve made it my mission to help people retrain their minds so they find inner peace and self-worth, attract the right partners that will love them, and confidently take charge of their futures and garner the respect they deserve.

Today, I help people who are struggling to heal from past relationships so they can rediscover their worth and break free from the negative cycles that keep them from a life of fulfilment, confidence and self-respect.

…you can look back on right now as the beginning of your journey towards finally attracting the right relationships…

Now the ball’s in your court.

…finding the confidence to stand up for yourself and make better decisions…

You can look back on today 6 months from now as the moment you finally drew a line in the sand and decided to turn your life around…

Or you can look back 6 months from now and still be trapped in the same cycles of self-sabotage and toxic relationships…wondering if you'll ever be able to break free.

…healing physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually…

…and finally stepping out of fear and anxiety and into the peace, freedom, and happiness we all long for.

Just because you’ve made some bad decisions doesn’t mean you need to continue making them. You can choose differently.

You create your reality and are in total control of your future...and were made for more than a life of fear and unfulfillment.

You were made for a life full of love, freedom, and purpose.

It’s time to stop just surviving.

It’s time to thrive.

Your worth is not determined by your past.

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